Guitar, Keyboards

I started playing guitar in 1964 and added keyboards in 1969. I performed with the “Hip Pocket”(N.Y.C.) in 1970, with a 10 piece horn band “RALPH” for about a year, and then with an original band, “Shenandoah” from 1971 to 1975. For the next 3 years or so I worked with “the BOX TOPS”. A road band version of the original.”DAKOTA” was the next band for two years. We were signed with CBS, EPIC, COLUMBIA and after I left, MERCURY RECORDS. “DAKOTA” opened up for many name artists, including PAT BENETAR, JOE COCKER, and we were the opening act for the 1980 “QUEEN” tour. Ending my music career by returning to Scranton, i’ve worked with a wedding band, the “Exact Change”, A Pocono Band “Thea and leclic”, And as of late An electronic duo “Solo-Tu” and A 4 piece RB band “The Next”. I have worked in the retail music business since 1978. I started by helping a friend of mine and eventually opened my own store in 1987. I have been trained for keyboard programming, Sound System set up and installation.